The Official Bruce Lee Action Museum (BLAM)




The Bruce Lee Action Museum (BLAM),  is an experience in community, education, and innovation. Functioning on several different levels, BLAM works with existing museums and locations to mount Bruce Lee exhibits, seeks to be an online experience for people around the world and ultimately will be realized as a dedicated interactive place of learning that explores the idea of action in all its forms. It will take a close look at Martial Action, Film Action, Social InterAction, Self Actualization, and Action for Change through the lens of Bruce Lee’s art, philosophies, life accomplishments and the lives of those he continues to motivate around the globe. BLAM engages visitors to turn the Bruce Lee lens onto themselves as a means of sparking exploration into how an individual can take action in their own lives to accomplish their goals and create positive change in connected harmony with the world.


Though first announced in 2011 as a stand alone brick and mortar museum in Seattle, Washington, a city very dear to the heart of Bruce Lee, we realize the Bruce Lee community reaches all corners of the globe and should also strive to transcend the brick and mortar experience. The first phase of BLAM has been realized in partnership with other institutions around the world interested in educating local populations and visitors about Bruce Lee. In phase two, BLAM will be realized as a digital interactive experience which we are hard at work conceptualizing and hoping to realize in early 2017 with your support. And finally, we are still working on our goal of a stand alone brick and mortar experience that truly reflects and expresses the living legacy of Bruce Lee.


Currently, we have partnered with three incredible organizations around the world and contributed hundreds of artifacts to their Bruce Lee exhibits:


“Kung Fu - Art - Life” at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong

“Do You Know Bruce” at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle, USA

“Hall Of Fame” at the California Museum in Sacramento, USA

Each exhibit is exceptionally curated and offers an insight into the artist and innovator, Bruce Lee. We encourage you to visit, explore and share your experience.


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