The Bruce Lee Foundation is overseen by an un-paid volunteer Trustee, Shannon Lee, as well as un-paid volunteer advisors Linda Lee Cadwell and Kris Storti. Meet them, and other volunteers whose hard work and passion continues to help our organization grow.

Trustee & Advisors

Shannon Lee

Founder & Trustee

Shannon Lee, is a writer, producer, motivational speaker and the daughter of Bruce Lee. Additionally, Shannon is the sole owner of Bruce Lee Enterprises, the exclusive owner of all commercial merchandising and allied rights relating to the use of Bruce Lee’s name, image, attributes, marks, logos and works worldwide. Shannon’s efforts to keep her father’s legacy of self-cultivation, personal liberation and a relentless pursuit of excellence alive stems from a deep belief in her fathers message and inspiration.

Linda Lee Cadwell

Founder & Volunteer Advisor

Linda and Bruce Lee were married from 1964 until Bruce’s death in 1973. Linda first knew of Bruce as a philosopher when he guest lectured in the Chinese philosophy class at Garfield High School in Seattle in 1963. After an introduction through a girlfriend, Linda became one of Bruce’s students, studying Jun Fan Gung Fu. Bruce and Linda made their homes in Oakland, where son Brandon was born, Los Angeles, where Shannon made her debut, and later Hong Kong. Today, Linda is re-married and lives happily in Idaho.

Kris Storti

Volunteer Advisor

Kris is the former treasurer for the Bruce Lee Foundation as well as acting COO and General Counsel for Bruce Lee Enterprises. Kris has his JD from Pepperdine Law School and his LLM in tax from New York University. He has worked for Bruce Lee Enterprises since 2005. Prior to that he worked at noted law firm, Gray Cary Ware and Freidenrich LLP.

Brice Wong

Emeritus Secretary Board Member

Artist, industrial designer and martial artist. This passionate practitioner in the art of Jeet Kune Do is dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of the original art that he began learning at the age of four from his father and Sifu, Ted Wong. Continuing his father’s mission, Brice joined the BLF to support the Lee family in facilitating the legacy to thrive.

Tommy Gong

Emeritus Board Member

Tommy has been involved with the study of Jeet Kune Do for almost thirty years. He began training in the 80’s and was certified to teach the art in 1990 by his instructor, the late Ted Wong, who was among only a few to receive certification in Jeet Kune Do directly from Bruce Lee. As the author of "Bruce Lee: The Evolution of a Martial Artist," Tommy arranged for all the book's proceeds to be for the benefit of the Bruce Lee Foundation. Last year, he was elected County Clerk-Recorder for San Luis Obispo

Perry Lee

Emeritus Board Member

Perry has one of the largest collections of Bruce Lee memorabilia in the United States and has been collecting Bruce Lee memorabilia, artifacts, and personal effects for more than 50 years - totally over 5000 items. He has been involved with the Bruce Lee Foundation through various Seattle seminars. In addition, Perry has loaned-out Bruce Lee artifacts and memorabilia for exhibit at Seattle's Wing Luke Museum and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong.

Greg Smith

Emeritus Board Member

Greg Smith is a business coach and collaboration catalyst with specialties in individual/team development, public speaking and leadership training. Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, Greg is an entrepreneur raised in family-owned construction and manufacturing companies. He has vast experience with both volunteer and for profit staffs including organized labor. He is also a certified instructor in JFJKD under the late Sifu Ted Wong, and a Sixth Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Martial Arts.

Charlotte Parker

Emeritus Board Member

Charlotte is one of the top image consultants in the country. A graduate of New York City’s Stern College with graduate work at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Charlotte has worked as a magazine publisher, television producer, radio host, film producer, and has run a well known media consultancy, Parker Public Relations, for 20 years. Among her clients at the agency have been Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron and Joe Weider.

Allen Joe

Emeritus Board Member

Allen Joe is credited with giving Bruce Lee his first set of weights and inspiring Bruce to build up his body. Allen trained under Ed Yarick with such luminaries as the four Mr. America Bodybuilding Champions: Clancy Ross, Jack Delinger, Roy Hilligenn, and Hercules-actor Steve Reeves. In fact, Allen was the first Asian to win the Mr. Northern California Bodybuilding Championship in 1946. A World War II veteran, Allen says “you can never forget Bruce, once you have met him” and, indeed, he still carries a picture of Bruce in his wallet.

Taky Kimura

Emeritus Board Member

Taky Kimura was one of Bruce Lee’s closet friends (in fact, the “best man” at Bruce and Linda’s wedding) in addition to being his assistant instructor in Seattle. Over the years, he has chosen to operate a modest club teaching Bruce Lee’s art that accepts members by invitation only. Quietly the caretaker of Bruce Lee’s grave for almost 30 years, Taky is universally respected in the Bruce Lee community, and is a shining example of the positive impact that Bruce Lee’s philosophy has had on people.


Sydnie Wilson

Partnership & Licensing Liaison to BLF

Sydnie is the head of licensing at the Bruce Lee Family Co. and is the volunteer liaison to the Bruce Lee Foundation on all things licensing, events and partnerships. Sydnie also volunteers her time to assist with Museum exhibit curation, exhibit execution and is a pivotal member of the Scholarship Review Committee.