Application numbers hit record levels in 2017 and over 2000 students applied for the Bruce Lee Foundation’s BLF Scholarship. With only 7 scholarships available, it was clear from the start that our team of volunteer reviewers had a tough task ahead of them. After two months of application review, and hundreds of deserving students later, the results are in. It is our pleasure to introduce you to the winners of the 2017 Bruce Lee Foundation Scholarship.



Juan Flores, 29, University of California Berkeley: "I recently relocated to attend the University of California, Berkeley, where I will be studying sociology and public policy with the intent of making society a better place for all people. Thanks to the Bruce Lee Scholarship and its generous donors I will be able to go above and beyond what I had initially expected as a student. I will now be able to focus on more than just my education. For instance, I will be able to be a part of several organizations that focus on encouraging youth to pursue higher education. This scholarship is more than financial relief. This scholarship means that I will be able to remain connected with people, on and off campus. Therefore, allowing me to return to my community with a greater set of tools and abilities."


Lorenzo Capasso, 19

Georgia Tech

"With this Scholarship, I am ever more willing to sacrifice myself for others who are in need and I am sure that I will continue to lend a hand to those who might be at a disadvantage."

Nwamaka Ijeh, 18

Oxford College of Emory University

"I am a young woman with awe-inspiring ambitions. Receiving this scholarship relieves my parents of the burden of debts. It also gives me hope and motivates me to be a blessing to others around me."

Preety Kaur, 32

Santa Clara University

"This financial relief will allow me to dedicate my time and energy to receiving the training and education necessary to become an effective mental health provider to disadvantaged teens who also had a rough start."

Kadia Tubman, 26

Columbia University

"Not only will the scholarship help ease any stress I have about affording my education, but it will also help erase any doubt I have about continuing on my journey."

Westen Meyer, 18

Cuesta College (BLF/Junior Giants Scholarship)

"This scholarship will give me the chance to pursue my future. Being a recipient inspires me to succeed in my endeavors as I pursue a teaching degree in history and political science along with a degree in music."

Jake Hurwitz, 17

San Diego State University (BLF/VanLandschoot Scholarship)

"I feel humbled to be acknowledged in this way by a stellar organization that honors Bruce Lee like I do. For Mr. VanLandschoot to personally recognize me is something that I can’t thank him enough for."