The Little Dragons program identifies kids who express a strong desire to start or continue their martial arts journey, but are in situations without the means to pay for lessons, and award them financial scholarships to attend lessons at pre-screened local martial arts schools within their community. As part of the program, students also learn about living a healthy lifestyle, Bruce Lee, and how his message can be applied to their own lives.

Enter: the Little Dragons Project. We’ve created 25 blank Little Dragon sculpts, circular in design, representing Bruce Lee’s philosophy of using “No Way As Way” and symbolizing the dragon himself. Each sculpt will be sent to an artist, handpicked by us, in order to create a truly unique painted piece which will then be offered for sale or auction. By donating their one-of-a-kind designs to the Little Dragons Project, artists have an opportunity to share their self-cultivated mastery to help kickstart a movement that will foster honest self-expression and provide kids with the tools they need to realize their potential.

All proceeds from the sale of the sculpts will be directly invested into the Little Dragons Program, with the goal being to provide more opportunities for underprivileged kids to learn about Bruce Lee, his philosophy and the benefits of martial arts.


Sinic Choy

SINIC is a Hong Kong based graffiti/street artist representing IDT & KB graffiti/street art crew. Throughout his art journey, Sinic is constantly trying to break boundaries of graffiti. Currently, he is trying to combine graffiti with Western and Chinese calligraphy as a new type of “fusion” art form.

Alina Chau

Alina Chau’s whimsical illustration style has been highly sought after for various art exhibitions world-wide. Her lyrical watercolors have garnered her a devoted fan base and the accolades of her peers. Her most notable credit is on LucasFilm’s Emmy Award Winning program, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”.

Jackson Dryden

Jackson Dryden is a concept and visual development artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Jackson has worked in film, gaming, illustration, and product. Companies include: Dreamworks, CinderBiter (Disney), GoPro, Breaktime Studios, Milkroom Studios, and Nvidia.