Whether you are making a donation through our website, a fundraising campaign or adding a donation at checkout when you shop in the Bruce Lee store, you need to know how your donation is being put to work. All donations are used to fund the Bruce Lee Foundation’s ongoing operating costs, as well as invested in our three core initiatives. See your impact in action, below.



We have provided more than $80,000 in scholarship funding to college and university students in the USA. Preety (pictured) received a scholarship in 2017.

More than 40 Scholarships

Bruce Lee Museum Exhibits

We have created two museum exhibits, in partnership with existing museums, and an online museum in partnership with Google, visited by over 3 Million people around the world.

More than 3 million visitors

Little Dragons

Along with our partner school, Silver Dragon Kung Fu in San Francisco, we have provided more than 500 martial arts lessons to kids and families who couldn't otherwise afford to take part.

More than 500 lessons

Initiative Costs vs Operating Costs

A donation to the Bruce Lee Foundation's operating costs is equally as important as a donation to our initiatives. That is why a small percentage of every donation we receive is set aside to ensure our ongoing operating costs are covered and our staff are able to execute each initiative with quality; the way in which our donors expect, and the people our initiatives support, deserve.
Initiative Costs Include:
  • Community Investments (eg; scholarships, martial arts lessons)
  • Staff Wages and Taxes
  • Exhibit Design and Curation
  • Administration Costs
  • Program Materials
  • Event Costs
  • Archive Management and Maintenance
  • Marketing and Promotional Materials
2017 Operating Budget = $140k (US). Operating Costs Include:
  • Staff Wages and Taxes
  • Fundraising and Development Costs
  • Marketing and Promotional Materials
  • Office Supplies
  • Legal Fees
  • Technology Upgrades and Investment

See For Yourself

Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself how your donations are being put to work, in these videos.