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What started as a grassroots movement to honor Bruce Lee’s philosophies and dedication to his craft and his life, is becoming a thriving 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that motivates individuals around the world to become the best version of themselves.

Through a number of educational and social initiatives, the Bruce Lee Foundation encourages people to strive for honest self-expression in alignment with their mind, body, and spirit. Consistent with Bruce Lee’s innate belief, we know that we can impact the world by giving people permission to follow their dreams, in harmony with their community.

Since 2002, the Bruce Lee Foundation has provided over $80,000 in financial assistance to students and families within the United States.


Camp Bruce Lee

Camp Bruce Lee changes lives – providing participants with confidence, physical and mental stimulation and exercise, self-awareness, fun, and lifelong friendships!

Our vision is to provide a program where kids discover Bruce Lee and practice his messages on confidence and unlimited potential.

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be yourself. Express
Have faith
in yourself.”

Our Initiatives

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Vincent Benitez


“The Bruce Lee Foundation is helping students who need money for college or encouraging kids to take part in martial arts for self-protection. The BLF is a beacon of leadership and thoughtfulness, two of the things that Bruce Lee stood for.”

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Jaquie Grewar

Donor & Volunteer

“My mantra is created through wanting to make a difference for others, no matter how small, especially when that difference provides a platform for building self confidence and self-worth in children and offers scholarships for young adults.”

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Israel Ayola


“Working with the scholarship review process, in a small way, allows me to help make a positive impact. It's great to come home from work, turn off all the bad news in the world, and read about someone's achievements and dreams.”

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Tylee Milan

Scholarship Winner

“I was adopted from Zhejiang China and, although I am grateful for my life in America, I often feel myself losing touch with my heritage. BLF helped me regain a sense of my culture and helped turn my dreams of college into a reality.”

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Michael Brown

Scholarship Winner

“This scholarship has changed the way I envisioned my college experience, from something that would challenge me financially to something that will challenge me academically. Thank you for the opportunity to pursue my education with a reckless commitment to happiness.”

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Kohyi Sanchez


"Bruce Lee has been a source of inspiration ever since I watched my first Bruce Lee film when I was five. I can think of no better way to honor his legacy than supporting BLF in sharing such a positive message and helping others achieve their goals."

Discover Bruce Lee

Learn about Bruce Lee’s thriving legacy and how he inspired the Bruce Lee Foundation.


Using no way as way; having no limitation as limitation.”

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