We have been honored to support students by giving away more than $80,000.00 in scholarships over the years. Application numbers hit record levels in 2017 with over 2000 students applying for the Bruce Lee Foundation’s scholarship. We have now established a long term partnership with Seattle Central College (where Bruce Lee received his GED, then called Edison Tech) to offer scholarships to the Seattle Community. Learn more.


Juan Flores, 29

University of California Berkeley

"I recently relocated to attend the University of California, Berkeley, where I will be studying sociology and public policy with the intent of making society a better place for all people. Thanks to the Bruce Lee Scholarship and its generous donors I will be able to go above and beyond what I had initially expected as a student. I will now be able to focus on more than just my education. For instance, I will be able to be a part of several organizations that focus on encouraging youth to pursue higher education. This scholarship is more than financial relief. This scholarship means that I will be able to remain connected with people, on and off campus. Therefore, allowing me to return to my community with a greater set of tools and abilities."

Lorenzo Capasso, 19

Georgia Tech

"With this Scholarship, I am ever more willing to sacrifice myself for others who are in need and I am sure that I will continue to lend a hand to those who might be at a disadvantage."

Nwamaka Ijeh, 18

Oxford College of Emory University

"I am a young woman with awe-inspiring ambitions. Receiving this scholarship relieves my parents of the burden of debts. It also gives me hope and motivates me to be a blessing to others around me."

Preety Kaur, 32

Santa Clara University

"This financial relief will allow me to dedicate my time and energy to receiving the training and education necessary to become an effective mental health provider to disadvantaged teens who also had a rough start."

Kadia Tubman, 26

Columbia University

"Not only will the scholarship help ease any stress I have about affording my education, but it will also help erase any doubt I have about continuing on my journey."

Westen Meyer, 18

Cuesta College (BLF/Junior Giants Scholarship)

"This scholarship will give me the chance to pursue my future. Being a recipient inspires me to succeed in my endeavors as I pursue a teaching degree in history and political science along with a degree in music."


The Bruce Lee’s Little Dragons program provides life confidence skills, and martial arts training, to at-risk and underprivileged youth, empowering them to be the best version of themselves possible.

Bruce Lee was born in the Year of the Dragon, more specifically in the Hour of the Dragon and quickly became known as the “Little Dragon” growing up. From a young age, Bruce Lee found himself in situations many of today’s youth can relate to: bullying, street fighting, searching for ways to boost self-confidence and self-awareness to prepare for life in the real world. Enter, martial arts. At 13, Bruce acted on his sincere desire to start training in martial arts. The history. Bruce Lee is widely considered the most recognized martial artist of the 21st century.
Studying martial arts is proven to help kids increase self-confidence, self-discipline, self-esteem, focus, social skills, and connect mind and body. But access to lessons has become increasingly difficult for kids in low-income situations with the desire to learn, who simply cannot afford to take part. What’s even more troubling is that one out of every four students report being bullied during the school year*. That’s 22% of all school kids who have an increased risk of developing low self-esteem, depression, reduced self-confidence and trouble adjusting both in school and in social environments.  
We identify kids who express a strong desire to start or continue their martial arts journey, but are in situations without the means to pay for lessons, and award them financial scholarships to attend lessons at pre-screened local martial arts schools within their community. Scholarships are awarded for a initial period of 6 weeks. After that time, further scholarships are awarded for students based on their dedication, lesson attendance and willingness to continue their training. As part of the program, students also learn about Bruce Lee and how his message can be applied to their own lives. To further encourage participation we organize and host one-off events to teach kids that confidence is the best defense against bullies.

The Little Dragons program worked with a small and passionate group of Martial Arts schools within the Los Angeles and Daly City, CA area, as well as hosting one-off events on the West Coast. The program is currently on hold while we revisit how to expand its reach and have more impact.


It is because of your donations that we are able to run Camp Bruce Lee, provide scholarships for campers, create educational programs and exhibits centered around Bruce Lee’s life, support other important organizations, and continue to share Bruce Lee’s legacy with the world. Click the button below to donate through our Paypal.