Dahae Hwang – 2015 Scholarship Winner

With a personality that can light up the room, and a drive to overcome any challenge she faces, Dahae is a true ambassador for the BLF Scholarship program, and a role model in her community.


“I learned from my experience that without the help of my mentors in college, I could not be where I am today. Therefore, I aspire to become a mentor for low-income students by spearheading mentoring programs and scholarship foundations, following in the footsteps of the Bruce Lee Foundation. I am grateful for my adverse circumstances as I can inspire students to overcome their challenges, succeed academically, and contribute to the community. By providing resources and encouragement to students, I hope to inspire them to reach their fullest potential. My mission in life is to pay it forward to my community by becoming a positive role model so that they can believe in themselves and that they, too, can achieve their goals despite the obstacles.”


Thanks to the support of our donors, Dahae received a BLF Scholarship in 2015 and can continue her pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Biology. We dropped by Cal State University in Los Angeles to talk to Dahae, and learn more about the great work she is doing. Click below to watch the video.


Video Directed and Produced by Kieren at Son Of Hutch Productions


Opening Music is by the talented Adam Selzer


Main Featured Music is by the talented Jon Luc Hefferman


Thank you to the staff and students of Cal State University, Los Angeles, for participating and allowing us to film on campus. You have a fantastic facility.

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