“Superheroes exist. They live among us. They put on their capes everyday. In offices, in labs, on the sports track, in garages. Creating, designing, educating, entertaining, informing – making a true difference. To a true hero, every detail matters, every second is important, every inch counts. They lead by example driven by their own targets. They are the ones that will not conform, willing to face challenges and to set out on journeys to uncertain endings. Yet, they do not know how to give up. And once they succeed – because like any true hero they always succeed – change is created.”*


What does it mean to take action and unleash your inner hero; truly connecting yourself in harmony with the world around you? Where do you even begin that process?


In her debut TEDx Talk at TEDx Limassol, Shannon Lee explores the connection between, her father, Bruce Lee’s heroic stature, his life philosophy and how you can apply that philosophy as a personal call-to-action.


*Quoted text and header image courtesy of TEDx Limassol

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